Sunday, September 18, 2011

One small step forward

I had my appointment with Dr Hayduke, my plastic surgeon, and it was awesome.
I go in to get the breast expander's put in on Oct 11.  I am so unbelievably excited for this it's ridiculous.
I have been youtubing breast expander's and the filling of breast expander's etc and It really has become an obsession.  I just want to wear a tank top!  Is that so much to ask?  I recently found these extremely cute skirts on the sale rack and I have no desire to wear them until I can wear a cute top, and as of now I have maybe ONE top that I would consider "cute" and it definitely does not belong anywhere near these skirts.  Back to the surgery, I will have to stay the night in the hospital which is fine with me.  I personally sleep very well in hospitals.  I will also have lifting restrictions so we are scurrying to find someone to come and stay with us for a few weeks to help with the babies.  I am not supposed to lift anything over 5 lbs for a month, but I reeeeaaally don't see that happening.  My youngest is at least 15lbs and is getting that that super flattering, yet quite annoying "must have mommy" stage.  And after having my mastectomies this is probably going to feel like a pinch.  The pain isn't the real concern though, they go back through my original scars so they are more concerned that the expander's will burst through if I do to much lifting.  Yuck.  That thought is probably disgusting enough to keep me from lifting for a while.  But like I said, I highly doubt It will last the whole month.  I have to go back for a final explanation of procedure or something all medically like that, so hopefully I can take a picture of the expander's to post.  I should have been smart enough to do that at my first appointment, but I'm not.  Until next time-Goodbye. 

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