Saturday, October 29, 2011


Saturday was a pretty big day for me. Not only was it my five year wedding anniversary, it also marked one full year since I shaved my head for the first time.

I love having enough hair to not have to wear a cover up! And I really think my hair cut is pretty flattering. My husband simply cannot wait until I have long hair again. I prefer to enjoy the stages.

I finally got my drains removed on Wednesday. I was scared to death of course but I could not wait to get them out no matter how much it hurt. Thankfully, and surprisingly it was not bad. When I had my mastectomys I went home with two drains on each side, and getting them removed made me almost jumping off the table from the pain. This time it was just a little clip of the stitch, followed by feeling the tube popping right out. I was literally shaking from fear before it happened, and laughing at myself afterwards. I felt so much better walking out of there with nothing attached to me! I was still, and am still super sore though. My mother in law went home and I am going to be in a bad way tomorrow just from holding my fat face little baby. Oh my goodness it hurts. Just breathing feels like I'm being stabbed in the chest still. It's like I can sharp edges of the expanders pushing against my chest. Maybe I'm just a huge whiner. I am also having quite a bit of back pain. It's probably from being so stiff all the time and trying not to move my upper body so much, but it sucks. I have appointments set up for the next six weeks to go in and start getting the expanders filled up! I'm so excited, but so nervous about that. Just thinking about a needle coming anywhere near where I hurt so badly makes me feel nauseaous. But I'm sure it wont be that bad. I'm sure, I'm sure, I'm sure. That is my mantra.

I am already liking the way things are looking. I can see where my boobs are going to be and it looks so much better than the sunken skin from my before picture. This is probably the last uncovered picture I will take of myself. Here it is....

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  1. oh come on, we want more uncovered pics! i wanna see what ur tattooed nipples are gonna look like :>