Saturday, November 5, 2011

60cc's later...

I had my first "fill" on Wednesday! I am so glad it is over with. All of the things I have had done to me over the last year and this is the thing that really made me lose sleep. HA!

I went to the Dr alone, the H was home with the kiddies. Still I walked in probably 2 minutes late. Dang construction. My Dr is great about not making you wait for a long time, I think the longest I've waited there is 5 minutes. I almost wanted to sit and try and relaxe for a minute though. I chatted with the receptionist who assured me women always think it'll be way worse than it really is. Than the awesome nurse came and got me. I walked into the instructed room and there was a little tray already set up with two band aids, a little roll of tape, and two HUGE syringes already filled with saline, just waiting to be stabbed into my chest. As soon as the nurse left me to get undressed I whipped my ipod out to take a picture. I knew I had to share this.

I took off my top and folded it and layed it on the counter, than hopped onto the table and layed down to get comfortable. I don't wait to be instructed anymore, if I have to be up there I am going to lay down. Dr H. and the nurse came back and he walked right over to me, said a quick hello and started poking and prodding my chest. He had a tiny little instrument which is used to find the magnet in the expander, thats where they have to put the needle. He made little marks with a pen and picked up one of the monsterous syringes. Than he said in a calm and sure voice, "Close your eyes, you won't want to see this"

I took a deep breath and breathed out slowly, waiting for the horrendous stab of the killer needle. I peeked one eye open. Though I could feel the needle go in, it surprisingly did NOT hurt. I relaxed a little and stared at the ceiling. I kept waiting for pain, as if it would happen any second, but still nothing. Now don't get me wrong, it was a freakishly weird sensation. I could feel the liquid filling up inside my body like a water balloon. It took probably 60 second for him to slowly push all the liquid into the first side, the second side I had even less discomfort. He pulled the needle out and looked all proud at my chest, which had grown from a prebuscent boy to a mid pubescent girl. I slowly sat up and almost gagged. Any time I bend over, or go from laying to sitting/standing I can feel the liquid in the expanders flow back and forth. I can never really tell if it feels disgusting or interesting. I go in every Wednesday for the next 6 weeks, except for the day before Thanksgiving. Dr H said if I look well this next Wednesday he will up it from 60, to 120 cc's. I'm super excited to finally have some shape in clothing! It's sad that I am enjoying the tiny shape this first fill has given me, so after the second fill I will be almost full B cup! Woo-hoo! Oh, and another thing I know you will be excited about ....Since it was such a small difference, I have decided to do one more no shirt picture. Go wild.

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