Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tomorrow :)

Tomorrow is my last fill! I am so happy to be almost done with this process. After tomorrow I will be at 700ccs, which for anyone with their own breast tissue would be gigantic, but for me, starting with nothing, it should put me between a C and a D. It really hasn't been too bad until my fill on Dec 21st. I was going to get 60ccs, but after talking to the Dr he explained that after he swaps the expanders for implants I would lose 15% of the volume I currently have. After hearing that I knew I needed to be filled more. I do not want to come out of this smaller than when I started! So I went ahead and did another 120 with plans to get 40ccs at the following appointment, just to get an even number of cc's. Anyway, after every appointment I feel pretty tight and sore, and have taken tylenol for it and tried not to hold the babies too much. This time, by the time I drove myself home I was in such excrutiating pain I was digging through my cupboards in search of the strongest pain meds I could find. I pulled out some Oxycodon and took one right away. Followed by another about an hour later, and another maybe two hours later. I didn't notice any change in my pain so I called the office and they seemed to think it was normal and to take some meds and sleep it off. I could literally not move. The only time I remember being in that much pain was when I woke up from surgery, but they were quick to pump me with pain meds. This time I could do nothing. I helt like my body was on fire from finger tips all the way up my arms and over my chest and upper back. On top of that it felt like my chest muscles were being shredded with a fork. It hurt to be touched anywhere on my body, it hurt to talk, to breath, It hurt when my heart beat. I was so unprepared and my family paid for it. The next day not only could I not get out of bed, but there was no way I could take care of the kids. I made the hubs call in to work, and laid on the couch all day long, again in total agony. It has been almost two weeks and I would say my pain level is now about a 2-3 depending on what I'm doing. So with tomorrow looming over me I am so excited to be in the waiting process for implants, but so nervous about the possibility of more pain :( I keep telling myself 40ccs will be nothing, but these expanders are already so rock hard I can't believe they will be able to add anything more. I will be asking for a prescription medication before I leave. Haha! I will take some pics tonight just in case I am in pain tomorrow and am unable to do it than!

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